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On-line Selling

On-line selling business is booming in greater China. Based on our experience in product and brand management, we expand our core business to on-line selling since 2009. We rapidly expand our on-line selling business, by adding our branded products and sourcing quality products worldwide. Together with our advanced information system and efficient logistic centre, we have confident to rapidly grow the business.

We operate our fast-moving and attractive on-line shops, by selling:

1. Fashion accessories
2. Bags
3. Shoes
4. Gadgets accessories
5. Toys
6. Scale models
7. Pets items
8. and much more…

You are welcomed to present your product / brand, so that we can work together to develop another great on-line shop.

Please contact us for detail:
Contact : Marketing Manager
Telephone : (852) 2242 6116
Email : sales@rs-in.com


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